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Salsa instructor 13 years

Walking and posture training
Acting lessons
Pronunciation training (Japanese language)
ABM (Attachment Baby Massage) Baby Massage Instructor License
ABM Ikuji Therapist License


From a young age Kmicco took a variety of lessons at NHK Nagoya Housou Gekidan where she studied dancing, acting and vocals.  She then started acting as a child-actor in NHK TV dramas, musicals and TV commercials. At the age of 15, she was recruited by an acting agency in Tokyo.

After moving to Tokyo, Kmicco appeared in TV dramas, entertainment shows, musicals, TV commercials and radios. Having acquired great experience, Kmicco became involved in teaching acting, vocals, dancing and modeling while at the same time stage- managing at a theatre-restaurant in Aoyama, Tokyo. Here her students performed Kmicco’s choreographed routines every night and Kmicco herself appeared in the show as the lead actor. 

From 2001 to 2005, Kmicco was the main commentator in her own weekly TV programme, Kmiccosalsa station under Sky Perfect TV cable cannel. As a part of the programme, she interviewed a variety of established salsa dancers from Europe and America and contributed to the Japanese salsa dance society. Her performances both in Japan and abroad received great reviews and she produced and performed at dinner shows for several years.   

She then developed an interest in new coaching methods, exercise therapy and child psychology, and developed her own baby class curriculum and teaching methods.

Around this time, Oyamada Dragon, one of Japan’s most popular manga authors, started the very first salsa dance themed manga in Young Sunday magazine based on Kmicco’s dance studio. Kmicco also established a reputation as a ‘Beauty Adviser’ in various media. Health and exercise magazine Tarzan introduced her article on ‘How to create beautiful legs’.  Kmicco also appeared in other magazines as a Posture and Walking Adviser for Hisako Shirata, Miss Japan 2007.

In January 2013, Kmicco’s very first dance school outside of Japan was established in Singapore. In addition to her regular salsa dance lessons, she will soon be offering Latin rhythmic for kids and forming a professional salsa dance troupe.

2001 Kmicco ON1 DVD

2008 LA Salsa Congress

Available Classes

Baby sleep training

Child care sign language (based on American sign language)
Prenatal and Postpartum exercise
Baby massage
Latin salsa exercise
Ladies salsa styling
On1 Salsa&On2 Salsa

Services to offer

Salsa dance performance

Choreography for stage, TV, commercials, etc
Stage management and produce

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